Full-time Creative

Mattias Husser


I’m a French Creative currently based in Milan.

I’ve always had two passions:
Music and Visual Arts.

For a few years, music took up most of my time, allowing me to play all around the world as Sovnger and release my first album, “Soundtrack of a Night”.

My other passion was never too far away, as my music allowed me to experiment visually with many things (from various covers and flyers to music videos, digital communication, and more…).

After a few years, I decided to switch my passions, leave my comfort zone, and move to Tokyo.

I started working for Nikon-Essilor as an Art Director, which allowed me to apply all my experimentations to create innovative visual materials for the brand.

After 8 years in Japan, I moved to Italy to work at EssilorLuxottica. I stayed in the eyewear industry, changing from a technological to a more fashionable approach.

I talk a lot (as you probably already noticed), and I could continue talking about my “less is more” way of thinking, being a “pixel-perfect psychopath,” or my love for movies, but I will stop here and invite you to check my work, as it will speak for itself.

If you want to know more about my work, my personality, or simply want to have a chat, contact me and let’s have a coffee (you can also stalk me on Instagram 🙈).

Here's my resume