Video/Sound design
Various projects using different techniques of Motion Design and experimenting different Sound Design approaches.
Visual experimentation using vending machines around Tokyo - 2019

Capturing some moments of my April 2022. I will probably do it again in the future with another random month - 2022

And here we are, a few months later, a new episode, this time in Vietnam - 2022

Stop motion experimentation at Sensō-ji temple (Tokyo) - 2018

Just a small anecdote I wanted to share 😊 - 2022

Infinite Monk - 2023

Experimenting with the famous Yurikamome line in Tokyo. Also, another occasion to practice making a soundtrack that matches the dynamic of the visual - 2023

During a business trip to Sydney, I noticed the variety of door numbers in most of the neighborhoods. Most of them have a strong personality with proper font, color, and style. So I walked around in my free time and made this small loop of some of the door numbers that I captured - 2019

Some moment of this Saturday, July 25th in Tokyo. I initially captured these moments for the "Life in a Day" YouTube project but when it came to posting the content, I realized that they just wanted the footages without any music or editing...but the work was done so here is my version of this Saturday, July 25th - 2020

Testing the new Photoshop AI tool - 2023

Visual experimentation playing with the Pyramide du Louvre - 2020

From Shibuya to Omotesando, testing Moment's anamorphic lens - 2019

I had nothing to do this morning while commuting, so instead of using my phone to watch a video, I decided to make one 😊 Nothing crazy, but I just wanted to capture the atmosphere of that moment - 2023

Rainy night in Tokyo, I liked the atmosphere in the cab so I decided to capture it - 2018

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